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Expect More With New PIRSUE® Sterile Solution

Low expectations have become the norm when it comes to mastitis treatments for lactating cows. You probably have tolerated wasted milk. You may have accepted low cure rates. You may have given up hope of effectively treating both clinical and subclinical cases during lactation.

Not any more.

Now, there's PIRSUE® Sterile Solution (pirlimycin hydrochloride) with greater penetrating power:
  • Short, 36-hour milk withholding period, so you save more milk.

  • 24-hour dosing so you can designate your best crew for treatments.

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Expect More Milk in the Tank

PIRSUE helps keep cows more productive and working to produce more profits. The chart below shows that if you use less expensive tubes, such as Today*, Cefa-Lak*, Hetacin K*, Dariclox*, or Amoxi-mast*, you can expect to pay more in lost milk money.

Click on the image above for an enlarged chart view.

This chart assumes that an average cow yields 50 pounds of milk a day and that milk prices are $.12 a pound. Work it out for yourself. Use your own data, and see how much you can save by treating mastitis with PIRSUE.

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Expect Greater Peace of Mind

PIRSUE gives you a unique combination of flexibility and safety.
  • Since milk is withheld for only 36 hours after treatment, there is less chance of your crew putting adulterated milk into the bulk tank.

  • The unique 24-hour dosing of PIRSUE (compared to every 12 hours with Dariclox, Cefa-Lak and Today) makes it easier to manage treatment schedules - especially if you are milking three times a day. You can assign your best crew to treat cows with PIRSUE and know they will deliver the second treatment at the same time the next day.

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Expect Greater Tissue Penetration

Treatment of S. aureus mastitis during lactation is extremely difficult. It can "hide" in white blood cells (somatic cells) and in areas of blocked milk ducts and damaged alveoli.

The pH of PIRSUE helps ensure good lipid solubility in the mastitic quarter, which is less acidic than normal milk. This allows PIRSUE to quickly penetrate the tissue and attack the infection site.
  • Studies show that PIRSUE will be found in tissues at levels 2-3 times that of the extracellular fluid.

  • Residue and metabolism studies have proven that 50 percent of the pirlimycin infused into a quarter shows up systemically, outside the udder. In the body, PIRSUE recirculates to the udder and is found in the milk of all four quarters.

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Dariclox, Today and Cefa-Lak Don't Even Come Close to PIRSUE

The fast perfusion throughout udder tissue, combined with the passage of systemic antibiotic through the sites of udder infection, helps ensure a presence of antibiotic activity even in "walled-off" infection sites in the udder.

A. PIRSUE is systemically circulated into other body tissue.
B. Half of the systemically absorbed PIRSUE returns through the udder.

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Expect More Staying Power

The power of PIRSUE is reflected in the very low minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) in the table below. What is even more impressive is the ability of PIRSUE to maintain MIC throughout the treatment period and beyond.

At 24 hours after the last (second) treatment, levels are consistently in the range of 0.82-1.29 ppm of pirlimycin - well above the highest MIC in the table above. A review of the milk residue data for PIRSUE demonstrates that during the entire treatment period the levels of pirlimycin do not fall below the MIC for all major mastitis pathogens. In fact, these protective levels will be maintained for approximately 36 hours after the last treatment.

Remember: Longer milk withholding periods, and therefore longer udder presence, does not mean protection. Even though violative residues of some products can be found in milk for up to 96 hours after treatment, levels fall below the MIC before then.

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Expect PIRSUE to Work Around the Clock

When your best crew calls it a day, your best mastitis tube keeps working. PIRSUE is so powerful against the major causes of mastitis that you need to treat cows only once every 24 hours - not every 12 hours as with other tubes. So you can assign your best crew to treat with PIRSUE and know they'll be able to apply the second treatment at the same time the next day.

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Expect More and Get More

Ask your veterinarian for new PIRSUE Sterile Solution, the most cost-effective tool for fighting everyday mastitis.

*Dariclox and Amoxi-mast are registered trademarks of Zoetis, Inc. Today, Cefa-Lak and Hetacin K are registered trademarks of American Home Products.

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As with all drugs, PIRSUE should not be used in animals found to be hypersensitive to the product.

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